What is the Danube Cycle Path?

from Weißenkirchen to Spitz

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe. It originates in Germany and flows into the Black Sea.

There is a bike path along the Danube, the Danube Bike Path.

When we talk about the Danube Cycle Path, we often mean the most traveled route from Passau to Vienna. The most beautiful section of this cycle path along the Danube is in the Wachau. The section from Spitz to Weissenkirchen is known as the heart of the Wachau.

The tour from Passau to Vienna is often divided into 7 stages, on average 50 km per day.

The beauty of the Danube Cycle Path

Cycling down the Danube Cycle Path just like that is wonderful.

It is particularly beautiful to cycle directly along the free-flowing river, such as in the Wachau on the Danube south bank from Aggsbach-Dorf to Bacharnsdorf, or through the Au from Schönbühel to Aggsbach-Dorf.


Danube floodplain on the bike path