What is a Heuriger?


If we see this sign along the Danube Cycle Path, it is a Heuriger. It can also be a bush, which is why it is also called a bush tavern.

There is wine and a snack here.

The wine we can drink grows in the vineyards where we cycled past. Of course we also get apple juice or grape juice.

There is typical Heuriger snack with food.

This year's dishes are cold dishes such as B. Hauer snack, smoked meat, surbrates and roast pork, with pastries, classically Wachauer Laberl.

Wachauerlaberl are baked in the Schmidl bakery in Dürnstein according to an old family recipe.

We especially like the homemade pastries, such as the nut strudel made from yeast dough.


Grew up on Lake Constance, studied in Vienna, lives on the Danube in the Wachau.

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