Section 1 Danube bike path from Passau to Schlögen 44 km along the Danube to the natural wonder, Schlögener Schlinge

In Passau Having arrived on the Danube, we are overwhelmed by Passau's old town. But we want to take enough time for that another time.

Danube cycle path in autumn

This time it is the bike path and the surrounding Danube landscape that we want to experience and enjoy with all our senses. The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most popular international cycle routes. Rich in culture and diverse landscape, the section from Passau to Vienna is one of the most frequented routes.

It is autumn, golden autumn, there are only a few cyclists left. The summer heat is over, ideal for relaxed cycling at your own pace.

Our Danube Cycle Tour begins in Passau

We start the bike tour in Passau. We are traveling on borrowed touring bikes and with a small backpack on our back. You don't need much for a week, so we can move lightly with light luggage.

The Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna leads along the north and south banks of the Danube. You can choose again and again and from time to time change the shore side by ferry or over bridges.

Another look at the "West Upper and Lower House”Former seat of the Passau bishops, (today city and a medieval museum and privately owned), then you cross the Luitpold Bridge in Passau. Along the north side of the road, there is a bike path along the north bank. The road is a bit heavier and noisy at the beginning. He continues to lead us on Bavarian territory via Erlau to Obernzell. Then we enjoy a bike path on the plain in an idyllic landscape with a view of the other bank of the Danube, to Upper Austria.

The Jochenstein, an island in the Danube

It may be advisable to start the first stage on the quieter south bank and only in Jochenstein over the Power station (all year round from 6 a.m. to 22 p.m., pushing aids for bicycles there are next to the stairs to the bridge) to cross the Danube. From Jochenstein the bike path is closed to traffic and is wonderfully quiet to drive on.

the Danube bike path near Jochenstein

The Jochenstein is a small rocky island that rises about 9 m from the Danube. The German-Austrian state border also runs here.
A relaxing break with a visit to the nature experience center House on the river in Jochenstein, is good for you.

Schlögener noose

natural wonders

Should you prefer to continue on the Danube south bank, then a visit to Engelhartszell with the only one Trappist monastery in German-speaking countries.
From Engehartszell, a Danube ferry takes cyclists back to the north bank. You will soon reach Niederranna (Danube bridge), where a long-established boat builder

Zille trips offering. Or we cycle comfortably along the Danube until we reach the ferry, which translates us to Schlögen. The Danube Cycle Path is now interrupted on the north bank. Surrounded by forested banks, the Danube makes its way and changes its direction twice in the Schlögener Schlinge. The Danube loop is unique as Europe's largest Forced meanders, A 30 minute hike leads to an observation deck. From here a sensational view of the Danube opens up, a unique natural spectacle - the Schlögener noose.

The Danube loop Schlögen was named “Natural wonder of Upper Austria” in 2008.