Bicycle helmet or airbag Visible bike helmet or airbag helmet

Cyclists without a bicycle helmet

Paying attention to your own safety is essential. Are cyclists without a bicycle helmet unprotected road users, According to traffic law, an adult must be in Austria and Germany do not wear a bicycle helmet. The reason given is that everyone can assess the risk for themselves in their individual situation.

Helmets compulsory in Europe

In Spain helmets are compulsory outside built-up areas - also in the Slovakia. In Finland and Malta Cyclists must always wear bicycle helmets. According to § 68 Paragraph 6 of the Road Traffic Regulations, StVO, the bicycle helmet is mandatory for children up to the age of 12 on public roads in Austria. In Sweden and Slovenia Bicycle helmet is compulsory until the age of 15.
In Estland and Croatia the bicycle helmet obligation applies until the age of 16. In Czech Republic and Lithuania The bicycle helmet is mandatory for children and adolescents up to the age of 18. In Germany and Italy there are no legal regulations.

Children's bike helmets

Children's bicycle helmets enclose almost the entire back of the head and are drawn very far into the forehead and over the temple area. That gives all-round protection.

A child should try the bike helmet on for about 15 minutes. If nothing pushes or slips and the child hardly notices the head protection, then it is the right one.

A modern children's bicycle helmet is equipped with a hard outer shell and a padded interior. The helmet must be replaced after every fall. The smallest cracks or breaks reduce the protection. The right size is essential. The helmet must not be able to be easily pulled forward or pushed backwards. There should be no game to the side. A child should try wearing the bicycle helmet for about 15 minutes. If nothing presses or slips and the child barely notices the head protection, then it is the right one.
The helmet should have test marks such as TÜV, CE and GS seals. In an article in HardShell - Das Fahrradhelm Magazin, Patrick Hansmeier dealt with the standards applicable in Germany and the EU and the standard reference "EN 1078". The European standard EN 1078 specifies requirements and test methods for helmets.


Foldable bicycle helmets for adults

A variety of different bicycle helmets for adults make the choice difficult.

Foldable bike helmets

Foldable bike helmets are space-saving. The flat folded helmet fits into the bike bags or a small backpack. A few examples:
Carrera Foldable bike helmet, Fuga Closca bike helmet, Overade bike helmet

An “invisible” bicycle helmet

A airbag helmet is much more comfortable because it is worn around the neck like a scarf. The model weighs around 650 grams and is barely noticeable while driving.
This inflatable helmet is an alternative for those who feel restricted by a “normal bicycle helmet” or who reject the look of a normal helmet. It's not too warm or destroys the hairstyle.

Better protection

It offers better protection than conventional bicycle helmets like American researchers Stanford University found in a study.

The bicycle helmet airbag from Sweden protects and triggers when the sensors detect a fall. The movement sequences during cycling are recognized by a special sensor system. The individual movements are recorded up to 200 times a minute and compared with the saved patterns. In the event of sudden braking or a jerky movement, the bicycle helmet does not trigger.

In the event of an accident, the Hövding airbag helmet inflates within 0,1 seconds and encloses the head and neck area. The head lies securely in the air cushion. An impact is absorbed. Injuries to the top of the skull, neck and neck are avoided and the cervical vertebrae are also protected by gentle cushioning.

The airbag of the bicycle helmet is made of highly resistant nylon fabric so that the material does not tear in contact with very rough and pointed surfaces. The airbag bicycle helmet can be deactivated at any time.
A beep reminds us that we have reactivated the invisible bike helmet and is ready for use. The battery is charged using a USB cable. The battery lasts 9 hours when switched on. A sound signal and LEDs indicate when the battery is low.