In which cafe can I get the best apple strudel?

When you come to Vienna, you definitely want to try the famous apple strudel.

In which café can you get the best apple strudel?

After there are very good apple strudel in many places in Vienna, it is difficult to say in which café you can get the best apple strudel. We therefore recommend that you try the famous Viennese apple strudel in several coffee houses.


The advantage of such a coffee house tour is that you get to know the famous Viennese coffee houses at the same time and see a lot of Vienna on your walk from one coffee house to another.

The tour we propose begins in the west of Vienna in the Cafe Westend and ends in the center of Vienna near the Opera in the Cafe Museum.

Cafe Westend

The first cafe is the Westend café. From there, continue on Mariahilfer Straße to Café Ritter. From Cafe Ritter it goes to Café Sperl and then it goes through the famous Vienna Naschmarkt to Karlsplatz, where the conclusion takes place in the Cafe Museum.

In all 4 typical Viennese coffee houses you get excellent apple strudel, which you can best taste with a cup of Viennese coffee.

According to some, the last stop in the Café Museum even features the best apple strudel.