Safe cycling (cyclists live dangerously) On the Danube cycle path Passau Vienna

Many cyclists feel endangered on the road. Some cyclists ride on the sidewalk to feel safer.

Feel safe on the street

With the help of "Sharrows“Cyclists should feel safe on the road.

Cyclists live dangerously

Oliver Gajda from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency invented the term Sharrow. It is a combination of the words “share” and “arrow” and stands for “shared lane marking”. The bicycle pictogram is intended primarily to show cyclists a zone far enough away from the right edge of the lane to protect cyclists from suddenly opening car doors.

Where cars and bicycles share the road

"Sharrows" from "share-the-road / arrows", refers to markings that combine the bicycle logo with an arrow. They are used wherever cars and bicycles share the road. Above all, they should point out the required side clearances to parked cars.

A current one, from Mr. o.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Hermann Knoflacher, carried out on behalf of MA 46 of the City of Vienna Studie on the effect of floor markings with bicycle pictograms on the road, the results showed that the results are identical to the results of the "Sharrow studies".

Prof. Knoflacher concludes that the level of attention among cyclists and motorists has been changed to the same extent as by the Sharrows.

Bicycle pictograms with directional arrows increase the feeling of safety in traffic

Bicycle pictograms and directional arrows improve the interaction of bicycle traffic and motorized traffic in Vienna.

The lateral safety distance of the cars when overtaking increased significantly. The overtaking processes decreased by a third. The greater safety margin when overtaking makes cyclists feel safer, but that could be a deceptive feeling of safety, like Ferenchak and Marshall am 95th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Board 2016 reported.

Just as deceptive as the belief that wearing a bicycle helmet improves road safety Wearing a bicycle helmet may increase risk appetite. The positive effect of protection could thus be negated by the subconsciously increased willingness to take risks.

Wearing a bicycle helmet increases the risk tolerance of the cyclists.png

Bicycle helmet or airbag


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