Section 3 Danube cycle path from Linz to Grein 60 km along the Danube through floodplain landscapes to Grein in Strudengau

Media cultural city Linz

Before we continue from Linz an der Donau in the morning, we climb on the main square into the Pöstlingbergbahn. The listed mountain railway, one of the steepest adhesion railways Europe, is the landmark of Linz on the Danube. After a 20 minute drive from the city, into nature north of the Danube, past the Ars Electronica Center and the Anton Bruckner Music University on the Poestlingberg, we reach the mountain station of Linz's local mountain. From here we enjoy the view over Linz and the course of the Danube. In the distance we can see the 1893 m high Ötscher in southwestern Lower Austria.


The Danube Cycle Path in Linz leads us over the Nibelungen Bridge to the old town of Linz on the Danube and to the Schlossberg


At the Danube site on the Urfahrer side, the bike path now leads us to the Donaudamm, along the river with a view of the Linz Danube Bend, or the otherwise impressive industrial landscape of the Steel group voestalpine AG.

On the Danube Cycle Path to Keltendorf in Mitterkirchen

We continue past Steyregg with his remarkable Steyregg Castle which, as an event center within the framework of knowledge art and culture, is open to the public.
Near the Danube power plant site Abwinden we drive parallel to the train to St. Georgen and direction Langenstein to Mauthausen. Now we reach the bike path again and come back to the Danube region.

We cycle comfortably through the meadow landscape to Au an der Donau. Soon we will reach Mitterkirchen, where the open-air museum Celtic village invites you to a worthwhile visit.
The museum was founded after a burial ground with 1981 graves from the area between 1990 and 80 Hallstatt time has been exposed. Finds of over 1.000 remarkable grave goods have been found Mitterskirchen in the focus of international experts.

The oldest surviving theater in Austria in Grein on the Danube

Following the northern bank of the Danube, we continue our journey to Grein. Grein on the Danube is the main town of the Strudengau.
The lively shipping traffic and the downstream dangerous Danube narrowness made Grein an important place on the Danube, already in the Babenberger period.
Greinburg Castle with its remarkable arcaded courtyard, state rooms, the stone theater Sala Terrena, today houses Upper Austrian Maritime Museum.
A visit to the theater in Grein City Theater from 1791, the oldest originally preserved bourgeois theater in Austria is a very special experience.
Annual summer games take place in the Grein City Theater. The Greinburg has been a very atmospheric venue for the Donau Festwochen since 1995.