What is special about the Wachau?

The Wachau is a breakthrough valley of the Danube between Linz and Vienna.

Wine grows to the left and right of the river.

the wine grows in the Wachau

That invites you to linger.

serving in the wine garden

There is an opportunity to do so in the numerous taverns.

The Melk Abbey greets you at the gateway to the Wachau.

They received this castle on a 60 meter high rock on the Danube Benedictine monks in the 11th century by the Babenbergers.

Melk Abbey

Melk a medieval town invites you to take a walk across the square up to the abbey.

The old town of Melk

From Melk Abbey you can see far into the Wachau.

You can already see the next 2 impressive buildings.

Schönbühel Castle and the Aggstein ruins.

Schönbühel Castle

Schönbühel Palace is privately owned today.

Originally it was probably a Roman fortress.

The castle was built in the 12th century by Marchwardus de Schoenbuchele.

The park of Schönbühel Castle in the Wachau

Machwart von Schoenbuchele was a feudal knight of the Passau diocese, the owners of Schönbühel at the time until they sold Schönbühel Castle as a private property to the Lords of Starhemberg in 1396.

The park of Schönbühel Castle in the Wachau

A detour to the Ruin Aggstein is worthwhile, especially if you are traveling with an e-bike.

The Ruin Aggstein


If you are on a mountain bike, you can go from the ruins of Aggstein via Maria Langegg continue to Mitterarnsdorf an der Donau.  

In Mitterarnsdorf you meet the Danube Cycle Path again and can continue your journey towards Vienna.