Section 7 Danube cycle path from Tulln to Vienna 40 km along the Danube to Vienna, the remarkable capital of Austria

We cycle along the Danube north bank through the Stockerauer Au towards Vienna to Höflein on the Danube. From Korneuburg it goes on south to southeast to soon on the Donauinsel switch.
The 21 km long island was created as a flood protection measure and local recreation area for the city of Vienna. We drive over the north bridge to the other bank of the Danube and further on Donaukanal along to the city center.

Monastery, Klosterneuburg

Along the Danube south bank the Danube cycle path leads past the Tullner Aubad. Continue on the stairway to the Danube Greifenstein power plant, Even before the Greifenstein power station, you can turn right to Lake Greifenstein, an old arm of the Danube, a bathing opportunity for hot summer days.
The Greifenstein Castle, built by the Diocese of Passau in the early 11th century, but cannot be visited until further notice.
At Greifenstein it goes back to the Danube bank and along the train. Here we see, in the area of ​​the Danube, houses built on piles. This typical construction method is used to protect floods. We will soon reach Klosterneuburg.

The townscape of Klosterneuburg is dominated by the medieval abbey, which was built in 1108 on the site of a Roman fort and was further expanded in the 15th to 19th centuries.

Masterpiece: Verdun Altar 1181

With a guided tour we can see the castle and that founded in the 12th century Stift Klosterneuburg, with treasury and imperial room.
The Verdun altar in the collegiate church is of particular importance in terms of art history. It is the masterpiece of the goldsmith Nicholas von Verdun, completed in 1181, consisting of 51 enamelled panels.

One of the oldest and largest wineries in Austria

In addition, the four-story basement of the Klosterneuburg Monastery winery, The Klosterneuburg Abbey has been involved in viticulture since its foundation. It is one of the oldest, largest and most renowned wineries in Austria.

Danube Cycle Path on the Danube Island Danube Canal

On the bike path on the Danube Canal we can then comfortably ride to the center of the capital Vienna.
Our bike tour along the Danube from Passau to Vienna ends here.

Danube Cycle Path Passau Vienna 

We take our time before we start our return journey by train to Passau the next day or the day after, because Austria Capital Vienna is a highlight.


the Danube cycle tour from Passau ends in Vienna. From here we can enjoy a wonderful view, far beyond the capital Vienna.

Highlight capital, imperial Vienna

A visit to the Hofburg or Schönbrunn Palace with park, Gloriette and zoo. A day in the Vienna Prater.

Viennese coffee houses and wine taverns

Enjoy a coffee house tour through Vienna's legendary coffee houses and apple strudel and Sachertorte. The Viennese coffee house culture as “typical social practice” has been officially in the directory of the national since 10 November 2011 UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage recorded.
Heurigen in the outskirts of Vienna. For example, combined with a short hike over the Nussberg and Kahlenberg with a view of the Danube.

Music and visual arts

Visits to museums or concerts in the Musikverein. The opened in 1870 Musikvereinis still considered the most beautiful concert building in the world for music enthusiasts.

Visits to museums, modern and ancient art in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Im MUMOK or the legendary, reopened and refurbished soon Viennese artist house at Karlsplatz.


Vienna is worth a city break of its own.